Addiction Treatment

Ever wonder why some people drink too much or can’t quit using drugs?

At Miracle Healing Hideaway, we realize that people with past traumas or over-sensitivity may turn towards alcohol and / or drugs to escape their pain. Once a person uses addictive behaviour to cope, the pull of the addiction exceeds any basic survival instinct, leading to an upward spiral of the addiction.

These behaviours becomes stronger and stronger, placing the normal survival instinct on the back burner and killing the human spirit.

  • Addictive behaviour becomes strong enough to point the person towards death, rather than survival and life.
  • Addiction is a behaviour that affects personal better judgement.
  • Addictive behaviour are present across all age groups including the elderly, college students, middle-aged and even adolescents.
  • Addiction invades and destroys the lives of many individuals.

Some addicts question if they can handle life without using.
They see no way of coping with their lives.

Just one drink or hit can take the pain away, even for a short time. but after developing strong habits, addicts believe that they are powerless to end their substance abuse.

Some understand, however, that they do have a choice and, in a powerful burst of self-determination, quit drinking or using altogether.

And when the addict makes the final decision to turn away from their destructive behaviour, the person begins to focus on the benefits of freedom, and the horrors of being chained to the substance.

This builds their own morals and values, strengthening self esteem and self worth, overcoming the addictive behaviour.

At the Miracle Healing Hideaway, we believe in giving each guest the opportunity to gain freedom from addictive behaviors and learn how to love and nurture themselves.