Premium Treatment Program

Premium Treatment Program – $15,000 / 30 Days

In this Premium Treatment Program package you will be coached and guided to help you establish your own life strategies for an amount of 9 hours each day . You will work one on one with a  coach and/or counsellor – 6 days a week. During the month you will also have your choice of outing activities such as kayaking in the summer or snow shoeing in the winter.
Are you struggling to break addictive behaviours or to heal other forms of trauma such as PTSD or Anxiety? We are here to guide you into digging deep into your belief systems, emotional traumas, the causes of stress, burnout and addictive behaviors. If you are committed to changing your life completely this is the program for you. The experiences and knowledge gained during your stay here at Miracle Healing Hideaway will provide you with valuable tools and techniques that you will take into your daily life.

Our goal is to bring you back into balance, where you will begin to uncover your true self and begin to relax and come into loving self. Our compassionate and highly trained staff are experienced in guiding you past issues, including: burnout, depression, anxiety, addictive behaviours and traumas. Our program includes therapy sessions, yoga, meditation and art therapy.

Find your smile again. Miracle Healing Hideaway offers love and support when you need it most. Face the darkness and break through to a beautiful loving place in the world.


We believe that in order to fully reclaim your life and let go of addictive behaviours, trauma’s or depression, you need to dig deeper into your deepest darkest struggles. We guide you into looking at experiences and the certain thoughts and emotions behind them. The behaviours surrounding some of those experiences may have led to unhealthy behaviors that you have carried forward.
This wellness centre believes in giving you tools so you can increase your self-awareness in turn enhancing your self-worth, self-care, nutrition, fitness and spirituality.

This treatment program package is for people who are wanting to make profound life changes.

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