One Week Getaway

One Week Getaway

Burnt Out?

Sober BUT Having Difficulty?

Have you been clean and sober for some time now but find yourself in a cycle of struggling day to day? Are you burnt out or annoyed by emotional turmoil? Do you want to make lasting, healthy changes for balance, happiness, and peace of mind into their lives. Take a break – experience a One Week Getaway at Miracle Healing Hideaway to get refocused, re-energized, and get back on track!

Do you or a loved family member have a problem with anxiety, burnout, alcohol, other drugs, smoking or work? Are you or they struggling from addictive behaviours?

Do you wonder whether you have a problem with addiction? Are you struggling with OCD or PTSD? There are options that you may have never looked at before. We are here to guide you along your path.Stressed

Alternatively, private coaching/counselling for not just one hour a week like most treatment centres but one on one, private, discrete, friendly 4 hours a day for people who just feel stuck. Preserve your dignity and enjoy the privacy of a one on one little hideaway that is made just for you! No one else to bother you, no one else to listen to just you and your coach / counselling working one on one together to move you forward in life.

Whether you want to improve your health, improve relationships, reduce stress, discover your purpose in life, or experience deeper peace, abundance and joy — this one week getaway will help you take a powerful next step on your journey. and take time for yourself, spend time by the lake, swim, relax in a kayak or just sit on the top of the mountain contemplating life and its beauty. Give yourself a One Week Getaway!

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