Spring in the Shuswap is a really beautiful time of year. And after a cold, damp winter, with all the vitality coming back to the countryside and lakeside, we’re looking forward to seeing Spring blossom and budding flowers once more.

And Spring, the season of growth, is the perfect time to getaway to the Miracle Healing Hideaway Wellness & Treatment Center to focus on working through your emotional traumas, get the rest and recovery that you need, and move forward with your life become the person you’ve always wanted to be, leaving the old ‘you’ behind for a better future.

If you’re suffering from the effects of physical, sexual, or mental abuse, addiction, emotional pain and trauma, burnout, stress, or PTSD, and traditional counselling techniques are failing you, then you may want to consider giving us a call. Using our new methods and techniques, we can guarantee results.

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Journey into Wellness: healing emotional traumas.