Indicators, Management and Recovery for our Veterans

Many Veterans suffer from these common PTSD experiences:

  • Struggling to adjust to life since leaving the military
  • Experiencing panic attacks or easily explode with anger?
  • Feeling emotionally numb, depressed, suicidal or disconnected from your loved ones?

At Miracle Healing Hideaway, we provide you with techniques to release emotions, stress and trauma. We allow you the opportunity to become happy and whole again. Whether you suffer from Veterans PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, health anxiety, OCD or stress, we use a technique that has helped thousands to recover, not just cope.


  • Mindful Relaxation
  • Anxiety Recovery
  • Redefine Work/Life Balance
  • Skills to Deal with Stress
  • Discover Unhealthy Patterns
  • Work with Strengths
  • Deconstruct to Reconstruct Life

Transitioning Back to Civilian Life

Our custom made, one-on-one wellness program helps you to transition from war zone responses to your pre-war state of balance. We use mindful meditation techniques, PTSD letting-go therapies, and other healing modalities to release the trauma and help you to move forward.

A Program Specifically Just for You

At the Miracle Healing Hideaway, we conduct our services on a one-on-one basis with YOU as our sole focus. This contrasts with treatment facilities which use group work and lectures as a program framework.

Our programs are a mix of therapies, custom designed according to the unique needs of each guest. Our experienced and registered practitioners offer a variety of holistically focused sessions. All programs include coaching and counselling, to enhance success when working with Veterans PTSD and each guest’s presenting issues.

“We can’t change human biology… at least not very quickly… evolution will do that over time… but we can utilise what human evolution has given us in order to remove anxiety disorders because that’s just the way the mind and body work!”

~ Charles Linden