Light Healing Sessions

Neuro Light Healing Sessions

Enjoy the experience of Light Therapy as part of your Total Wellness regime.

Total Wellness including Brain Wellness is an important step in healing one’s self.

What to expect while doing a Neuro Light treatment session.
Relax in a lounge chair, or lie on a treatment table, with closed eyes and headphones.

In your “mind’s eye,” see marvelous colours, fractal-like geometric patterns and an intriguing variety of images.

As fascinating and provocative as these experiences are, even more important is the mind/body state resulting from a Neuro Light session.

The affects will integrate into your being for 12 to 24 hours, with ongoing sessions cumulating.

A thirty-minute Neuro Light experience is comfortable, painless and heatless.

Neuro Light benefits manifest according to the vitality of the individual (their Neuroplastic Capacity), the goals and frequency of the sessions; and related “learning” reinforcements.

Some benefits can manifest in two weeks or less.

Deeper changes in Neuroplasticity manifest over periods of a month or more. A person may experience encouraging immediate effects but require reinforcement over the long-term.

Neurolight creator says there are three ways to heal the brain:

  • The first is Brain Food
  • The second is Brain Gym
  • The third is Brain Skills

The Neuro Light integrates both Brain Gym and Brain Skills and, concurrently, allows Brain Food to be incorporated.

Begin digestion. Assimilate the nutrients. Benefit from the nutrition.

The colours, patterns and sounds can be amazing, attractive or simple. Just accept and enjoy them.

A Neuro Light Experience is like eating a meal.

healing the brain

Enjoy and appreciate the meal.

There is nothing special for you to do.

Sensory displays are part of the process. The most important things are the mind/body states that are stimulated by the sights/sounds. The Neuro Light Experience is the same. When the lights and sounds stop, is when the integration process begins. The first 2 hours are the most sensitive yet the direct process of the Neuro Light Experience will continue for the next 12 to 24 hours.