Corporate Burnout

Corporate Burnout can affect all employees, from management, overworked office personnel, to high stress factory workers.

How do you recognize the signs of burnout and begin healing yourself? Sadly, often because of an “I can do everything” personality, people rarely see burnout coming. Recognize the signs of burnout and heal yourself.

Stress is not burnout: burnout comes from stress. Burnout arises when one is overwhelmed, unable to meet life’s demands, or struggling to respond to cultural and environmental stressors in a healthy way.

 Corporate burnout experiences include:

  • job depression
  • dispirited and powerless
  • unable to function adequately
  • without physical, emotional or mental energy
  • bouts of uncontrollable crying
  • unable to face the world
  • unable to process each new stressful experience and becoming overwhelmed.
  • exhaustion
  • loss of motivation
  • helplessness
  • anger
  • resentment

Corporate burnout can lead to:

  • physical symptoms of adrenal fatigue
  • inadequate customer service
  • digestive and/or sleep disturbances
  • increased employee absenteeism
  • weight gain or loss
  • compromised immune system
  • reduced workplace effectiveness
  • increased accidents
  • nervous breakdown
  • addictive behaviours or substance misuse

Many people are unable to adequately function during a crisis or after excessive stress. Additionally, unhappy work relations can lead to physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual disaster.

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