We’d like to share with you another recent success story from one of our clients. She came to us with Complex-PTSD, and after numerous traditional counseling and therapy sessions had failed her, she decided to try our Heartbeat Trauma Release to help her deal with her situation. Here’s her story:

Thank you Miracle Healing Hideaway!

Thank you for your unique approach and understanding of complex trauma!!!!

I was diagnosed with CPTSD, and traditional counselling/ therapy was not sufficient and often ended up worsening my symptoms because of my complexity. ❤️ I would leave sessions and it would take days for my body to calm down.

Thank you for your in depth understanding of trauma, your knowledge and expertise and ability to hold space for every little traumatized piece of me, the past 28 days has changed my life.

The heartbeat trauma release method is a game changer for all trauma, but especially complex traumas!

That, combined with the over 100 hours of group sessions/ 1-1 coaching combined with the other modalities the centre uses brought me from active CPTSD, to a space where I am moving towards Post Traumatic Growth!!!

Thank you so much Rosalien & Journey into wellness!

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