Why Choose Miracle Healing Hideaway



Are you exhausted with meetings and lectures? Are you tired of listening to other’s stories and feeling uncomfortable to share your own?

If you are not group-oriented, or prefer private counselling, then this discrete one-on-one Wellness Hideaway is for you!

At the Miracle Healing Hideaway, you will:

  • reignite your passion for life
  • take an inventory of beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you
  • eliminate and reduce unwanted stress
  • deal with any PTSD or trauma
  • rediscover who you are
  • be in your very own private retreat and wellness centre
  • enjoy a stress free environment
  • enjoy the natural surroundings of Shuswap Lake and its majestic mountains

If you:

  • want to move forward but feel stuck
  • need to balance success with wellness
  • feel overwhelmed, stuck or out of control

It doesn’t get any more private than Miracle Healing Hideaway, one of the most confidential wellness treatment centres in the world.

… then this Burnout Retreat / Non-Twelve Step Rehab BC Addiction Treatment Centre will guide you to connect with your authentic self.

This centre is just what your doctor ordered, a unique, private, customized schedule.

We focus on one guest at a time… This is your time.

You have invested so much time and money, so much of yourself, into your profession. Now it’s time to invest in yourself. Come stay with us, learn from us, renew with us, reset with us. Be well while you do what you do. Eliminate Employee Burnout, Stress and Addictive Behaviours from your life.

Book your hideaway today!