“We are here As Love, To Love and Be Love.”

~ Rosalien Stagg

Rosalien StaggRosalien Stagg is a trauma specialist, counsellor, coach, herbalist, speaker and author. Rosalien’s Wellness Treatment Centre works with people experiencing trauma, burnout, stress, and addiction. Rosalien has spoken at seminars in California, New York, Texas and British Columbia.

When the health of Rosalien’s daughter was in serious jeopardy and the medical profession was short on answers, this mother of three set off to find the solution for her very sick child. After researching many of the possible solutions, she realized that the answers lay in the powerful connection between the Mind, the Heart and the Soul.

In 2004, Journey Into Wellness Incorporated was born and serves by guiding others through the healing processes of life. Using the four quadrants of self, she leads individuals through fascinating concepts about the return to health and vitality. These can be found through love, understanding and appreciation of all philosophies. Rosalien understands that we can all find this innate wisdom and guidance when we open our hearts to the intelligence of healing body, mind and soul. Through what she truly believes in, is a “Journey into Wellness”.

Rosalien leads her audience to tap into their internal wisdom, to discover their inner sacred gifts, and to connect with their greatest dreams. Deaf until the age of 5, Rosalien feels her journey has been guided by angels, intuition and her heart. Now as a spiritual counsellor and teacher she encourages others to embrace their journey, connect to their heart and trust their intuition.

Rosalien’s Principles:

  • Wellness is the relationship between the integration of heart, mind and soul.
  • Learning to love ones whole self and the process of cultivating awareness leads to the ability to reach ones highest potential for well-being.
  • when one has an understanding of stress, exercise and nutrition and implements strategies to improve these areas in their lives that they will reap the rewards.

These principles are what Rosalien incorporates into the Miracle Healing Hideaway.

Rosalien has been a life coach, herbalist, speaker, counsellor and writer for many years. As a transformational life coach, her workshops, knowledge and the connection she makes with her participants leave them wanting more. Wellness Counselling for Trauma, Burnout, Stress, Addiction and Emotional Well-being can be part of your Journey into Wellness.