What Miracle Healing Hideaway Offers Vs. Other Treatment Centres

What Miracle Healing Hideaway Offers

Most Other Treatment Centres Offer

Highly Qualified Professionals To Lead You On Your Journey Group Sessions Usually Lead By Alumni Members
22 Hours of Private Individual One-On-One Counselling Per Week One Hour of Individual Counseling Per Week
No Group Interaction Requirement Forced Group Interaction
Private life Skills and Essential Skills Coaching Not Included
Private Premier Fully Furnished Single Guest Cottage Shared Accommodations With Roommates and Up to as Many as 200 People On Site.
Place Importance On Wellness, Self Worth, Respect and Values Place Importance On Addiction And Disease Concepts
Provide You With The Tools To have a Happy And Productive life Tools To Live One Day At A Time
Follow The Sensitivity Of The Trauma-Informed Care System Follow Forceful Interventions Which May Cause Re-Traumatization
Put The Solution In Your Hands Use 12 Step Model Concepts
Belief In Becoming Empowered To Overcome Addictive Behaviours Belief In A Higher Power And You May Suffer From An Incurable Disease
Wellness Centre For Healing Whole Sell In Order To live A Happy life Centre Utilizing An 81 Year Old Concept of What Addiction Is
Full Kitchen Provided With The Opportunity To Choose Healthy Nutritional Meals and Snacks At Your Convenience Kitchen Not Included And You Eat What is Prepared for You and When
Some Access To Your Phone And Internet No Phone or Internet Access At All
Kayaking, Snowshoeing, Swimming, Hiking, Qigong, Meditation Walks Available Mandated Fitness Includes A Gym or Yoga
Serene Natural Surroundings That Include Opportunity For Becoming One With Nature Not Included
Family Atmosphere Where You Are Welcomed Into The Centre Regimented With Security and Ladened With Rules and Regulations
A Floating Schedule With Time To Heal And Rest Restrictions and Specific Scheduled Time Frames For Each Day
Health And Wellness Connection With Naturopaths And Other Modalities Not Offered
New Beliefs Regarding Addictive Behaviours. PTSD, Trauma and Anxieties Twelve Step Belief System – 81 Year Old Concept
Ability To Share Intimate Personal Details In One-To-One Setting Fear Of Judgement and Recrimination For Disclosing in Group Setting