Wellness Centre – Miracle Healing Hideaway

This Okanagan Wellness Centre offers individual opportunities for self-healing and personal development, in addition to therapies for burnout, stress, trauma and addiction.

Personal transformational coaching includes:

  • personal growth
  • stress management
  • inner bonding
  • wellness
  • treatment for trauma
  • emotional healing
  • renewal of mind, spirit and more…

Daily one-on-one coaching leads to incredible healing shifts and gives you opportunities to rebuild your life.

Look at all areas of your life:

  • physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • including mind, body, heart and soul
  • discover what no longer serves you.


Take an opportunity to:

  • heal past wounds
  • deal with present day challenges
  • get clarity and courage to take the next step
  • Enjoy each evening as the sun goes down

Pause and find new perspectives on work, life and relationships. Learn valuable techniques for all aspects of healing.

Choice and love are essential to all people; healing happens on these levels.

Come to the Miracle Healing Hideaway. Leave with strength and tools to navigate your way through any Storm.