Recently, Cheryl Sager- one of our HTR specialists – treated a patient suffering from PTSD after a car crash, and successfully put her back on the path to leading a normal life; here’s here story:

Twenty years ago I was involved in a horrific car crash. I suffered from PTSD for many years, and while I was able to overcome the worst of those after-effects, I continued to suffer extreme anxiety and avoidance of riding in a car. For over two decades, I needed sedation to travel highways and avoided even short trips to the grocery store whenever possible.

After a single session with Cheryl at Journey Into Wellness, my life was changed. Two days after the session, my husband and I went on a road trip and I felt calm and relaxed on the highway WITHOUT SEDATION! I no longer suffer fear and anxiety prior to a car ride and I feel FREE to go anywhere at any time. I find myself thinking up reasons to drive just to experience an enjoyable experience.

In the past, thoughts about the car crash brought on severe panic and anxiety. Now I can think about it, even talk about it, without emotion. I have no idea how this works, but it DOES work. I encourage any one that has been through a traumatic event to give this therapy a try. Your life will be changed. You will be free.

I can’t thank you enough for assisting me in making this huge change in my life.

With immense gratitude,

Karen C.

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